Medical Masterclass
Training: doctors only


Training: doctors only
Masterclass: Advanced and Combined protocols for optimal skin quality
Theory: How to combine medical peelings and mesotherapy to obtain the best results for your patients.
Practice: Treatment performed live
Guest speaker: Doctor Fellah Zohra
Mesoestetic® Expert
Date: Friday 24 May at 19h00 - 21h30
A snack and drink will be provided on arrival.
Address: Practice Centre Aesthetic Solutions
Schapenbaan 28, 1731 Asse
Price: 100 euro excl. BTW/TVA
More info: Dhr. Christof Martens 0032 470 56 25 08
max. 30 places available
The medical masterclass is 100 euros (excl. TVA) and is refundable on purchases of 500 euros or more. Registration is valid only after payment. Each doctor and skin therapist must register separately. After the payment, you will automatically receive a confirmation email.

De medical masterclass bedraagt 100 euro (excl. BTW) en wordt terugbetaald bij aankoop vanaf 500 euro. De inschrijving is enkel geldig na betaling. Iedere dokter en huidtherapeut dient zich apart in te schrijven. Na de betaling wordt er automatisch een bevestigingsmail verstuurd.

Le prix du medical masterclass est de 100 euros (excl. TVA) et est remboursable à partir de 500 euros d'achat. L'inscription n'est valable qu'après le paiement. Chaque médecin doit s'inscrire séparément. Un e-mail de confirmation sera envoyé automatiquement après le paiement.